Moving Fortesss Pro Ver.2

Brand New Upgraded of Moving Fortress Pro Series
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This overall update mainly improves the Watch Case and Strap!
The previous version is very flat and has poor smoothness. With the new version, we increased the overall degree of completion and advanced. 

In terms of watch case, we had changed the frame from thick to thin, which will improve the picture operability of Apple's Watch 6th-7th generation users. In addition, we deepened all texture details. Make the whole look more textured.

The strap part cancels the texture of bright surface, changes to frosting + metal wire drawing, and updates the process of watch buckle. In addition, the side line of the strap is changed into a cone, and the advanced feeling of the whole strap is also greatly improved.

The buckle part has also been improved to the non overlapping specification of the board, and the logo of amband has changed from printing to engraving.

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