About Us

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Our Values

For us, amBand is much more than a brand name; it is a way of being, a design philosophy, a community, and much more. We believe that the smartwatch is the 21st century equivalent of the sword: a tool that everyone can wield and change the world with. Consequently, we build products to ensure that your apple watch is there whenever you need it.

Our Story

Amband allowing people to enjoy the technology of the future while maintaining a traditional sense of style and elegance...
Commitment to Product

amBand is and always will be a company that prioritizes design and quality over everything else. One of the most important aspects to us when designing new products is that we use the highest quality, longest-lasting materials available. We design all of our concepts from the ground up, rather than white labeling existing products. It costs more to do so, but the cost isn't as important as the value that doing so creates.

Looking Forward

Looking ahead to 2021 and beyond, amBand adhere to the pursuit of classic and innovative design concepts, exploring more premium materials, transferring your Apple Watch from an ordinary smartwatch to an extraordinary and classic masterpiece. We've got you covered.


Climate change has become the biggest existential threat to humanity and our planet That's why a big part of our mission going forward is to reduce our impact while leading the way towards a more sustainable future.