Apple Watch Outfit Ideas For Men

Apple Watch Outfit Ideas For Men

A watch can make or break your entire outfit. For example, if you’re wearing darker/cooler colors, you don’t want a bright neon green Apple Watch band to be on your wrist, completely offsetting your outfit. To help you decide on what kind of Apple Watch band to wear with your outfit, we’ve come up with a few examples.


TPU Material Band

Now the TPU Material band is the epitome of wearing a watch band meant for exercise. The TPU Material band is a watch band that you’ll be wanting to wear every time you go to the gym or do any outdoor activity. So if you love rocking athletic wear or athleisure wear, this is the watch band for you.


It comes with a limited selection of colors, but you have an excellent choice to choose from even then. For those looking for a brighter colorway, they’ve got you covered with colors like Spruce Aura and Chlorine Blue, but if you prefer simpler colors, then they’ve got Light Silver and Black.


Stainless Steel Band

Having a stainless steel band is like having a band that can be worn on any occasion. While they may be limited in colors, the few colors they do come in are all that you need out of a stainless steel band. A great example of this is amband. Their stainless steel bands come in 4 different colors: Mercury Grey, Comet Black, Saturn Gold, and Interstellar Black. Even having just one of those colors would allow you to add something a little extra to your outfits.


You can wear stainless steel bands with a simple flannel shirt, jeans, and sneakers, or you can pair them with a black sports coat, a button-down shirt, black pants, a belt, and shoes that match your belt. Those are just a few outfit ideas, but you can experiment with them on your own.


Leather Loop

The Apple Leather Loop is a great accent to any formal/semi-formal outfit. It comes in yellow, brown, or black. Of course, the most useful of those colors are brown and black. Black is immediately known as the color that matches anything, so it’s a great go-to band. If you want to change it up a bit, the brown leather works excellently, but it doesn’t always work with every outfit.


You can wear with your brown leather loop a button-down shirt, a brown belt, black/navy blue slacks, and brown dress/casual shoes.


Nylon Band

The nylon Apple Watch band is one that usually comes in brighter/louder colors than most would be comfortable with, meaning it’s more so for people looking to have a sporty outfit. A perfect outfit to pair with your nylon watch band would be something on the more casual side, so a pair of Nike pants, a hoodie/shirt (your choice), and a pair of sneakers are what you’ll be looking to wear whenever you want to use your nylon watchband.


International Collection Sport Loop

If you’re rocking one of the 22 international sport loops, then you love your country. But, unfortunately, you’ll most likely have to pair this watch with a one-off outfit since the colors are particular and don’t leave a lot of wiggle room for much else.


If you want to, you can take it all the way and wear a themed outfit around your nation’s flag and make it known to everyone what country you represent.


But, if you want something more lowkey, then you can pair your nation’s watchband with just an everyday outfit and make it the talking piece of your outfit.

Braided Solo Loop

The braided solo loop is made out of a soft silicone material that is made to be comfortable. This is another perfect everyday watch band that can be used in most outfits. The braided solo loop does have a limited selection of colors, but it still gives you room to work with.


If you’re going with the simple charcoal colorway, then you really can’t go wrong with any outfit you put on, but if you’re looking to use pistachio or electric orange, then you’re going to need to be a bit more selective on what you’re wearing.




At the end of the day, you can style your Apple watch with whatever outfit you want as long as it looks great to you. These were just a few of our ideas to help you get started on finding different ways to upgrade your outfit with your Apple watch.


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