10 Best Apple Watch Bands 2021

10 Best Apple Watch Bands 2021

Finding the best Apple Watch bands can be 10 Best Apple Watch Bands 202a tricky business. First, of course, Apple has its selection to choose from, but there's also an endless amount of third-party Apple Watch bands to choose from.


  1. Amband

What started as an idea to protect your i-Watch from being damaged has now turned into the ultimate band maker for everyone, with self-expression at their core from the start. With their new look, you can expect the same high-quality band that is built to be dropped.

Having an amband means giving yourself peace of mind whenever you’re going through the day. From being dropped on the concrete to diving headfirst into the pool, amband has designed an Apple Watch band built to withstand all of that and more.


Moving Fortress Series

Moving Fortress means a high-quality stainless steel protective case uniquely designed by amBand.

The adjustable TPU bands are soft, breathable, and lightweight, and the stainless steel case provides robust protection. It’s the perfect fit for men or women for sports, business, and any outdoor activities.

They have also carefully designed a soft TPU buffer layer between the stainless steel case and the watch to protect the watch better and raise bezels around the screen for extra screen protection.


  1. Apple Sport Loop

The Sport Loop has a great design on the skin-facing side that uses larger loops for breathability and cushioning and is made from double-layer nylon.

Since it’s a sports band, the colors are on the bright side, but the Cerulean, Product Red and Pink Sand versions are a bit more subtle, and there are some blacks and greys too. It’s a practical option for people who don’t want to cover their Apple Watch’s sensors.


  1. Apple Leather Loop

The Apple Leather Loop comes in brown, black, or yellow. You get a precise and comfortable fit every time because it makes use of a segmented magnetic closure.

This is the watch band to buy if you like wearing your Apple Watch to formal events or work and feel a standard rubber isn’t quite the right look.


That’s what you get with leather that’s hand-made in Arzignano, Italy. Unfortunately, this strap will only fit the more extensive 44mm Apple Watch 4 and 5 and only the 42mm Apple Watch 1, 2, and 3, so if your watch doesn’t fit those requirements, then the leather loop won’t work for you.


  1. Apple Milanese Loop

The Milanese Loop band’s attention is warranted, possibly one of the most sought-after watch bands.

At a similar price to the Apple Leather Band, owners can get their feet wet with a stainless steel cool-to-the-touch band that exudes simplicity and elegance in its sleek design.

If this is the band for you, you’ll be able to choose between traditional silver and black options.


  1. UAG Active Watch Band

If you enjoy being in the outdoors, then this is the band for you. Available in or black, camo, and orang and made of a high-strength nylon weave, it’s the perfect Apple watch band for the active lifestyle.

Compatible with all Apple Watch series of both sizes, the look is finished off with a big stainless steel buckle. It isn’t the most subtle of straps, but this will make an excellent wrist addition if you appreciate the look.


  1. Apple Modern Buckle

The Modern Buckle comes with a large rectangular buck that resembles the shape of the Apple watch and is made of smooth leather. Apple also keeps different colors in stock depending on the season.


Apple’s leather Modern Buckle options are exquisite and cheaper than the Apple/Hermes options. It's an excellent choice for those who want an official leather band from Apple with a non-magnetic design.


  1. Apple Braided Solo Loop

The Apple Braided Solo Loop is made from a soft and stretchable silicone material made to feel soft. As a result, the Braided Solo Loop looks slightly more formal than other bands but is still sweat and water-resistant.

The only tricky part in getting this watch band is that you’ll have to pick the correct size. You can use Apple’s size guide because there are nine different ones to choose from. Unfortunately, the Braided Solo Loop only comes in five colors, so you are pretty limited style-wise.


  1. Casetify Printed Apple Watch Band

Casetify’s printed bands are made from cruelty-free faux leather; the bands come in a large variety of colors and designs, from bold florals and animal prints to emojis, flags, and geometric patterns.

Casetify should have something to match any style or preference: for example, there’s an elegant black strap with grey and dark red florals that would go well with a lovely dress, or you could bring it back to the 1990s with fluorescent smiley faces. Bands come in both watch sizes, and you can choose between gold, black, or silver fixings and buckles.


  1. TPU Material Band

The TPU Material Band has the design simplicity and toughness of the standard Apple Sport Band. Additionally, it comes equipped with compression-molded perforations or what everyone calls "holes."

The holes allow your skin to breathe while being worn, making a big difference in the long-term comfort of wearing the TPU Material band.

The TPU Material Band has a limited range of colors, unlike the ordinary Sport Band, and some, like the Black/Volt colorway, are too loud to be worn outside the gym, but there are still some lowkey colorways such as Spruce Fog, Teal Tint, and Smokey Mauve.


  1. Apple Solo Loop

The Apple Solo Loop is the first official watch band that’s one piece, a colored rubberized loop that stretches over your fingers and snaps onto your wrist.

It comes in several bright and dark colorways and is an excellent choice if you find any sort of buckle uncomfortable. Once again, the only tricky part of picking a watch band is that it comes in nine different sizes. You can utilize Apple’s size guide to figure out which one is the right fit for you.

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